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Equine Positional Release Online Study Program

Equine Positional Release

The Future of Horses
and People

Holistic Collaborative Healthcare

for Horses and People


Standing Strong Together

Changing Lives

Wild Horses in Black & White


We acknowledge and pay our respects to the First Nations Custodians of the land and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, community and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

We wish to acknowledge our connection with Nukunu and how these connections inform our experience of the lived practice of interconnectedness, compassion and community.


This site has been produced on Nukunu, Kaurna and Peramangk country.

Our deepest appreciation and heartfelt respect to Dr Yvette Running Horse Collin, for her years of research and writing, and to the elders and custodians for sharing their oral history and traditional knowledge about their sophisticated, deep and long lived connections with horses in the Americas. Changing the narrative.

Mustangs Paha Ponies Wyoming USA
Equine Positional Release Neck Technique



We Are Changing The Way The World Thinks About Horses

People and horses have a long standing, shared story of kinship, collaboration and cooperation, spanning tens of thousands of years.


As humans we have evolved with the help of horses.  Many human lives and many cultures, have been shaped by deep-seated  bonds with horses.

Horses and people share an ancient, mutually beneficial relationship.  Oral histories and traditional knowledge shared by elders and custodians of the Americas, demonstrate enduring collaborative horse-human partnerships, based on mutual acceptance, love and compassion.


This information provides a model for safe, respectful, cooperative and sustainable horse and human partnerships, reconnecting people with the fabric of the natural world.


We Deliver Phenomenal
Holistic Healthcare and Education Around The Globe

The Equine Positional Release Institute excels in delivering superior quality, innovative holistic healthcare services for horses and riders around the world.

We are at the cutting edge of holistic horse healthcare, education and training.


Equine Positional Release teaches you rapport building and safe horse handling skills.


EPR teaches you highly effective holistic health assessment skills, clinical skills and hands-on manual therapy.


Education and Training

Equine Positional Release training fuses practical non force horse skills and highly effective manual therapy skills, with cutting edge scientific research and a time tested model for collaborative connection shared between horses and people.

EPR includes the needs of the horse in all aspect of healthcare and training.


What makes EPR education and training so successful?


Deep Listening

We listen.

We listen to the horse, building a relationship of safety, trust and inclusion.

We listen to the body, with our non force assessment and techniques.

We listen to you, the rider / horse person.


Equine Positional Release builds connection between you and the horse.

We recognise the long standing interspecies connection between horses and people, and engage this ability to create safe and healthy partnerships.

Equine Positional Release Education and Training
Support your horse journey
learn to enter into a collaborative relationship with your horse.


Let Your Body

Be Your Guide

Equine Positional Release improves the lives of you and your horse.

A different approach, using an age old method of connecting with the horse and horse person.

EPR Rapport Exercise.jpg

"Being present is a revolutionary approach used in EPR practice.


Presence is an ancient, tried-and-true method used to build safety and rapport with the horse and the horse person.


Presence and being present with the horse, aka mindfulness, is gaining traction amongst innovative riders and trainers.  


Being present is a fundamental element in the safe, effective practice of holistic healthcare."


Zarna Carter

We invite you to enter into a dialogue with your horse.


Imagine you and your horse are already connected.


Your connection is timeless.

Equine Positional Release
Online Study Program

You Receive:
13 Short Informative Videos

EPR Introductory Training Manual -

93 pages

EPR Workbook - 36 pages

icon 8.png

You Learn:
EPR Exercises
and Techniques

Easy to Learn

Simple to Apply

Highly Effective

Mustang Paha Ponies, Wyoming USA

EPR Theory

Non Force Theory

Horse Human Origins

EPR Principles

Holistic Approach to Health Assessment

Equine Gestures

Equine Signs of Pain

The Poly Vagal Theory

icon 9.png

Rapport Building Exercises

Presence and Connection

Equine Gestures

Palpation Skills

Learn the Signs of Pain in the Horse

EPR Online Study Program


What People Are Saying

Equine Positional Release Online Study Program

"This approach to therapeutic work with horses is so needed and so important.  Thank you for offering the course!

Zarna Carter and Equine Positional Release is the reason my horse is thriving and sound.  EPR does wonders for horses.  Chip was about to be a pasture pet he was hurting so much and I knew he needed a modality that was gentle and effective to help him recover. 

This course is fantastic.  Get it.  Learn it.  Your horses will thank you." 

Jana Wagner, Pennsylvania USA

"It is so important to understand the need to watch the horse’s face for feedback, not just do techniques to the horse.  Loved the Hind Leg Range of Motion Exercise and the specifics about assessing the horse's balance and the movement of the hip joint, which informs us about what is happening in the iliopsoas and hamstring muscles, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and pelvis.  Love the work!"

Bryony Pullin, Florida USA

"I have been running a very busy full time equine therapy practice for 22 years.  In that time I have extensively studied many different modalities, and nothing compares to Zarna’s work.  She is truly in a league of her own. 

I have never taken a class where the horse has been so honored and listened to at the level she teaches. 

Zarna's course is like no other and the horses are quick to show you that!

The value I have gotten out of her course is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  This course has not only changed my life professionally but personally.  The new skills I have gained have moved mountains for my practice and my equine clients. Zarna’s course is nothing short of five stars and I am forever grateful I pursued this."

Maria McDowell, Alberta Canada

Cost: $416.00 AUD

With 16 CEU's - Cost: $516.00 AUD

Neck Mobilisation Technique Video

EPR Hind Leg Range of Motion

Hind Leg Range of Motion Exercise

EPR Horse and Rider Session

Horse and Rider Session

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Photo credit: Spanish Mustangs, Adam Edwards Paha Ponies Ranch WY USA.

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