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Equine Positional Release
Online Study Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Equine Positional Release?
    Equine Positional Release (EPR) is a holistic healthcare practice for the horse and horse person. EPR is based on non force principles and the inclusion of the needs of the horse.
  • What will I learn from the Online Study Program?
    The EPR Online Study Program teaches an introduction to: EPR theory, including EPR principles. Non force theory. A holistic approach to horse health assessment. Non force palpation skills. Rapport building exercises. How to read equine gestures and signs of pain in the horse. Techniques for assessing and mobilising the Front and Hind Legs, the Shoulders, the Sacrum and the Coccyx.
  • What is the format of the program?
    The EPR Online Study Program provides: 13 short videos introducing EPR theory, exercises and techniques. Each video is downloadable. A comprehensive 93 page EPR Training Manual to download. A 36 page EPR Workbook consisting of questions, quizzes and areas to note your insights from going over the exercises and techniques.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    The basic price is $416 AUD (Australian dollars). With 16 CEU's toward the EPR Practitioner Training Program, the price is $516 AUD. The program is payable via PayPal.
  • How do I get 16 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)?
    The price for the EPR Online Study Program with 16 CEU's is $516 AUD. Once you have completed the program, submit your completed EPR Workbook for review, along with a 10-15 minute video of you practicing a variety of EPR techniques. Once these have been reviewed and passed you will receive your CEU certificate. The 16 CEU's can be applied to the EPR Practitioner Training Program in place of the Module I Introduction to EPR Rapport, Response, Release Class.
  • Can the program be taken by people in other countries, outside of Australia?"
    Yes, the program can be taken by anyone in any country that has access to the downloadable information. The material is in English. There are numerous online services what can translate the written material and videos for you.
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