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A research, education, and preservation facility, home to a foundation herd of between 80 and 90 Indigenous Native American horses.  The origin of these horses can be traced to Native Peoples across North America.

A 501(c)(3) Organization,  formed to strengthen and expand efforts to preserve the Spanish Mustang horse, through educational activities and preservation practices.

La Jara Ranch is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Spanish Mustang horse, with twenty Spanish Mustangs living freely on the open range.

Paha Ponies is located near the Devils Tower in the Black Hills, known by the native people as “The Heart of All that is”.  They are continuing the Spanish Mustang preservation efforts of the former Cayuse Ranch, Wyoming.

EPR Foundations Instructor and Practitioner.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

C: + 1 505-660-5815

EPR Associate Practitioner.

Ponoka, Alberta, Canada.

C: + 1 780-919-7592

EPR Associate Practitioner.

Lafayette, Colorado, USA.

EPR Associate Practitioner.

Centered Riding.

Yoga & Horsemanship clinics.

Ride more comfortably...your horse will thank you!

EPR Associate Practitioner.


Treating People, Pets, Horses and Farm Animals.

EPR Associate Practitioner.

Sunshine Coast,

Queensland, Australia.

M: + 61 431-325-359

EPR Associate Practitioner.

Sunshine Coast,

Queensland, Australia.

M: + 61 439-888-520

Practitioner and Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy.

Working with people and horses.

EPR and Ortho-Bionomy for people and horses.

Equestrian yoga.

Animal Communication and Wellness.

Leading Change Experiences.

Equine Assisted Learning.

Information and news about barefoot hoof care.


Tel: +61 477 945 006

Nukunu Country

11 Casuarina St


South Australia 5481


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