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Equine Positional Release

EPR Shoulder Techniuqe

Equine Positional Release is a holistic healthcare practise teaching safe, humane and sustainable horse skills. 

EPR’s scope of practise encompasses a holistic, non force approach to healthcare for horses and riders/horse people, promoting successful cooperative horse-human partnerships.


EPR fuses a non force approach to suit the unique nature of the horse, with gentle manual therapy techniques designed to address the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs of each horse.

Equine Positional Release teaches you a holistic therapeutic approach to work with people and horses.  EPR teaches you non force manual therapy, indirect structural adjustment techniques and postural adjustment exercises.

Mary Ann

"EPR is unique in that it promotes structural balance and healing in a holistic manner.  The entire picture of the horse is considered instead of just the physical presentation, including housing, nutrition, lifestyle, foot care and history."

Meeka Mary Ann EPR

Zarna Carter

"Horses demand honesty, offering rich rewards to those who enter into the rich, dynamic human-equine partnerships.  I applaud all who pursue holistic, non force methods of horse training and horse healthcare with the aim of advancing the quality of life of both horses and people."

Zarna Carter EPR

Zarna Carter founded Equine Positional Release in 2003 during her studies in Ortho-Bionomy. 


Zarna is an International Instructor of Equine Positional Release, a qualified Herbalist and Homoeopath with 26 years clinical experience, teaching throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and the United Kingdom.  Zarna was an International Ortho-Bionomy Instructor from 2011 - 2019.

Zarna is the Director of the EPR Institute.  A life long passion for social justice and humane treatment of animals, led to the development of Equine Positional Release.


Equine Positional Release was developed from the fusion of Zarna's clinical experience as a Homoeopath, Herbalist and Ortho-Bionomist, with her background in social activism, non force horse handling and work in the Australian pastoral industry.  The non force, self corrective approach of holistic medicine, fused well with her non force, cooperative approach to holistic horse healthcare, to produce EPR's highly effective, revolutionary approach.

EPR classes began in 2006.  The ongoing growth of EPR classes for horse people and horse professionals, led to the development of the EPR Professional Certificate Program.  As the EPR Training Program grew in popularity, the EPR Institute opened in 2011 to administer and advance the EPR Professional Practitioner Training Program.  The EPR Practitioner Training Program is professionally recongised in Australia, NZ, Canada, the USA, the UK and throughout the EU.

Mary Ann Menetrey is a Certified EPR Foundations Instructor and Practitioner of Equine Positional Release.  Mary Ann began studying EPR in 2006 and has been teaching EPR Foundations classes since 2016. Her studies were initially driven by a desire to help her own horses with physical, emotional and health issues where traditional medicine could not find a solution.  She saw the most profound and lasting results for horses with EPR, which is particularly suited to the nature of the horse, in that the work is comfortable and pain-free. 


"The possibilities for change become endless once the horse realizes that there will be no pain associated with the work and that they have a say in the process.  The non force, inclusive ethos promotes an environment of trust and safety for the horse, building cooperative horse-human relationships."

A passionate student of the natural sciences, Mary Ann’s studies have also included B.S. and M.S. degrees in Soil Science.  She spent many years managing programs for the State of New Mexico dedicated to improving the quality of land and water resources.  In these positions she honed her ability to build teams and to listen and understand points of view without judgement; skills which have been invaluable in her life, practice and teaching.


Mary Ann has studied other non force modalities, practicing Ortho-Bionomy and is a Certified Practitioner of the Masterson Method. 


Mary Ann has been an avid horsewoman most of her life, training in several disciplines including trail, dressage, reining and cutting.  She bases her equine and human practice, Primo Motion Bodywork, near Espanola, New Mexico USA.

EPR Training

Offered in several formats:

  1. The EPR Online Study Program is your self study program which introduces EPR to a global audience. 

  2. Tutorial Training offers you one-on-one or small group intensive training, designed  for horse people and horse professionals.  Tutorial training is available in-person and online.

  3. EPR Classes are offered in-person and online. 

  4. EPR Practitoner Training Program.  The EPR Institute offers you a professionally certified Practitioner Training Program.  The Program delivers 250 hours of theory and hands on training, providing you professional certification recognised in Australia, NZ, Canada, the USA, the UK and throughout the EU.    Classes are taught by Zarna Carter in Australia and by Mary Ann Menetrey in the USA.

Video: EPR Short Lever Psoas Technique

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